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New Website Development & Design

Underhill Engineering is a geotechnical engineering firm serving clients throughout Virginia. The thing that sets them apart is the personal connection they make with each and every client and project and the outstanding service they provide.  They strive to help people solve their problems and guide them through the dark unknown places underground.  They love the opportunity to work closely with people, enjoying the challenges of the journey together, and always hope to make a difference with the work they do.



Nathalie was wonderful to work with through the entire process to help us tell Underhill’s story. We presented our ideas and she ran with it. We spent a good bit of time developing the opening page, since it would be the first impression for visitors, and Nathalie’s guidance was essential. The outcome was a professional website - attractive to both desktop and mobile users.

The metrics show the proof is in the pudding: regular site visits and subscribers with frequent compliments! If someone wants a professional looking website, they need look no further than Brightworks Studio.
— Chris Webster, PE, Principal - Owner Underhill Engineering, LLC