Top Productivity Tools for Your Business

Running a small business means having to learn to juggle a seemingly endless stream of tasks and mastering new skills all the time. Staying productive is hard, especially when you've been pushing hard to meet goals in your business for an extended time.

The key is to always find a way to put your priorities first and never blow them off. Easier said than done of course, but the productivity tools I've listed go a long way in helping you identify top goals, track your tasks and time and also automate tasks.

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Project Management Tools

  • GQueues – My new favorite because it synchs directly with your Google Calendar. I have been wanting this for years! You can look at your appointments AND your tasks all in one place and drag your tasks to other days so you can make sure not to overload your schedule. Even lets you mark tasks as done in your calendar and you can set tasks with a due time as well as a date. It's honestly reduced my stress!

  • 17Hats – All-in-one system for project management, client booking and financial tracking designed for the small business owner or freelancer

  • Asana – Organize everything from the most tiniest detail to the big strategic goals and share everything with your team. Includes a visual project management option that allows you to set your lists onto boards and cards so you can more easily organize and prioritize your projects.

  • Wunderlist – Beautiful To-Do list software. Manage tasks and projects from anywhere. The phone app works really well (and is much easier and nicer to use than Asana's). Even makes a happy noise when you complete tasks!

Collaboration Tools

These tools help increase team productivity and work efficiency with conferencing and online collaboration options. You get more done and connect more face to face!

  • Streak – Another favorite of mine because it integrates with GSuite- allows you to manage customers directly inside your email.

  • Hipchat – Collaboration app with group and private chat, file sharing and integrations.

  • Join.Me – Free screen sharing, unlimited audio, and video conferencing.

  • – Share sensitive private information (notes, passwords, account details) that transports securely and self-destructs after viewing.

  • RealTimeBoard – Online whiteboard that helps you organize your team’s work in a simple and visual way.

  • Slack – Messaging app for teams.


Conference Tools

With these online conference tools you can collaborate with anyone, no matter where they are on the globe- still something that amazes me even though it's part of my everyday reality! Share your screen, schedule meetings and host group chats.

  • Zoom - I use this tool all the time for online meetings, online conference rooms and file sharing. Has a great free plan.

  • Facebook Live – Live video streaming that’s great for webinars, especially within Facebook groups.

  • Free Conference Call – Free international conference calling.


Scheduling Tools

These tools simplify the process of scheduling appointments without all the email back and forth! You save time and never forget an appointment.

  • Calendly – Love this one because (you guessed it!) it integrates with Google Calendar and won't offer slots when you have any other appointments scheduled, whether private or business related. Eliminate email and phone tag by allowing anyone to schedule a meeting by picking an available time in your calendar.

  • – Continually monitors your availability and works with your recipient to find a commonly available time.

  • Doodle – Scheduling app that helps you find a convenient time to meet with several people at once.

  • NeedToMeet – Creates a meeting event page to share with invitees, where they can register for any of your open slots. Great for seeing everyone else’s availability.


Over to you

Are there any productivity tools you love that you feel are glaringly missing from this list? Then please let me know in the comments below! I love discovering and testing new tools and passing on the tips to those who might need them!