Launching a Successful Website: the Essential Planning Checklist

I'm excited to share this guide with you! It's one of the tools I use with my clients, redesigned into a workbook that you can use to really plan out your successful website design. In it I cover the essential questions that you need to ask yourself when planning a new website for your business.

If you're thinking of updating or creating a website for your business, you'll find this printable checklist will keep you on track. Just check things off as you gather everything you need to kick off your project!

Preparation is key to the successful management of any project, and design projects have lots of moving pieces. The more preparation that goes in right at the start, the more smoothly the project will go. This checklist is what you need to set up an efficient workflow with your design team right from the start.

Download your workbook and checklist by clicking on the button below: