How to use your new logo design for effective branding

Congratulations! You have a new brand identity and logo and now it's time for the best part: showing it off.

It’s worth remembering that your logo is not a stand alone element. Your brand only really comes together as part of the larger context of every interaction with your audience. That means, every flyer, social media post, your email signature, or your website needs to look like it’s part of a cohesive story.

Brand recognition means getting your brand messaging across consistently throughout all your communications.

Here are 10 ways you can use your brand identity to start building a successful, profitable brand:



Your website is your online home, a space into which you welcome visitors. It's the best and most comprehensive way for you to showcase your business and express your brand personality! Creating a home that accurately projects your core messaging is essential so think about making it visually appealing, easy to navigate as well as informative. This keeps those enquiries coming! Also think about using your brand style when creating custom buttons, icons, pop-up boxes and banners, all of which add personality to your site.

TIP>> When you put your logo on your website, you’ll probably want to make your logo nice and big, but there are some sizing issues you’ll need to think about, particularly when it comes to aspect ratio.



If you run a business, you probably send a lot of e-mails every day! The signature section at the bottom of your e-mails is a perfect place to start sending your new logo out into the world. It's actually best NOT to create a fully designed e-mail template as this might make it harder for your emails to get through spam filters. A well designed version of your signature featuring your logo won't distract the reader from the email, but will keep building logo recognition. Remember though to keep the image file small while maintaining crisp resolution. 
With any email marketing you do, make your audience enjoy clicking through to your email by customizing your brand colors and fonts and including your logo. 


3  |   Letterhead, envelopes & mailing labels

Everyone loves getting a card in the mail! Letterhead, envelopes and mailing labels are easy ways to showcase your brand. Go a step further and use your beautiful brand assets to design greeting cards, thank you postcards and gift tags. Write a handwritten message which will give your customers a reason to remember you. Any way you can add a special touch will make them feel appreciated and more likely to recommend you.

TIP>>  Beyond the design, also think about choosing paper stock that’s reflects your brand values- for example luxe card stock for a luxury brand or recycled paper if your brand is eco-friendly. This keeps messaging your values in every touchpoint of your customer experience.


4 |   BUSINESS CARDS, BROCHURES, flyers & ads

Even in this day of online everything, people still love to exchange business cards, and also pick up printed brochures and flyers. Any of these are obviously a great place to feature your branding. Make sure you have some well designed ones with your logo, and perhaps also your tag line and a photo of you or your key product. And of course you'll be making sure that when someone takes your card home and looks up your website, your logo, colors and general aesthetic are going to match up! (You'd be surprised how often I've seen this not be the case!) 



Consider if there might be business materials you can create that could be unique to your business, where again you would feature consistent branding. Things such as napkins for a coffee shop, tissue paper or branded packaging tape for online or retail stores that sell tangible products. This is another opportunity for special touches that add personality -and a touch of fun- such as personalized notes or branded gift tags. 



Creating a branded line of merchandise for sale and/or to give as gifts to your staff and clients is another opportunity for promoting your brand while making people feel good! Think well designed T-shirts, hats, totes - again, a product that is actually in keeping with your business messaging will have more impact.



Sponsor events for organizations you love and believe in. Find organizations that you can be associated with and/or special events like fundraisers and seminars that draw a large audience–and also tie into your larger goals for giving back and having a positive impact in the world. Determine which organizations offer the best exposure to your ideal audience and provide contributions (money, services, and/or volunteers) in exchange for having your business featured on their marketing materials. 



Any social media profiles, you have, including your Twitter profile, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, etc, should be branded. Use your logo as your social media avatar or background profile image to increase exposure for your logo and tie in with your website. Use the headers on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that allow you to share a larger header image, ideally one which incorporates your colors and/or logo. Also, don't forget to include a branded blog image in your blog post for your readers to pin!

Whatever you're posting, remember that images and video are much more popular because they are so much easier to digest than text. So wherever you can, brand those images and videos!



Create presentation templates so that your business' Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Keynote® slide decks start with the same branded template — one that uses your colors and features your logo. This brands the information in the presentation as yours while demonstrating your professionalism.

Whether your business sells products or services, a digital Lookbook is a great way to show your brand and what you offer. In fact, any digital downloads you produce, for example an email list opt-in for your website, should all be carefully branded. This way a potential client can download your PDF and keep it for future reference. And chances are, if it’s well designed, you'll be remembered for it and be top of their mind the next time they’re looking to purchase in your industry!



If you have a space where you meet clients or customers in person, use your office decor and styling to also reflect your brand style! This is best done in elegant, subtle ways, such as using bold colors as accent touches (think coffee cups rather than entire walls). Creating visual cohesion and having brand colors repeat in subtle ways communicates professionalism and ties your online and physical spaces together. 


There is a checklist of 24 ways you can use your new logo and brand identity in the Brightworks Library, free to download. Just enter your password to access or sign up to receive it.

Over to you

Do you have any other ideas of places you have used to show off your brand? I’d love to hear in the comments below any success stories!