Giving Creative Feedback to Get the Results you Want

Working with a designer for your business should be a fun, inspirational and uplifting experience.

It's should feel exciting to see how your business values your design inspiration and brand voice is translated into a design for your company. But it’s not always easy!

First of all, choosing the right designer who 'gets' you and also knows what your brand needs to grow can be a difficult decision. Once you've settled on a designer, and started the process, you’ll get your first round of designs.

At this point the next challenge can be how to review the creative work you’ve received. It can be hard to know what you should be looking for and what's actually right for your business. This post and attached checklist will break it down into manageable stages so you can give helpful feedback and end up with the results you (and your designer!) want.


The truth is most designers LOVE receiving client feedback on their designs, because each stage of the design evolves out of that critique, creating something far more wonderful as a result. Even when a designer presents something that the client feels doesn’t work, it spurs them on to keep exploring and problem solving, which is what they do best! It might take a couple of tries for you to both be on the same page but at some point it all just falls into place and the outcome makes perfect sense.

The key to giving helpful feedback is explaining how the design feels to you. Most of the time you don’t need to get ultra specific about which elements to change as these will be obvious based on what you share. So for example, “This feels too traditional, I want something a little edgier and fun” is far more helpful than “Can we try red instead of blue?”

Remember that the designer you chose is an expert, but no one knows your business better than you. So you really have to work together to bring those two pools of expertise into one cohesive vision. Thinking of your design as a collaborative process takes a lot of the doubt and confusion out of it, so embrace that!

Note: if you need to detail what you don't like and why, remember to add some positive notes too! It helps the designer to know what they got right as well as the parts they need to rethink. Plus when you work as a team you’re much more likely to create something you will both be proud of.

I have one final tool in this series to help you objectively assess your new designs: the Creative Feedback Checklist.

You'll find the checklist in the Brightworks free downloads library. To grab your copy, you'll just need to use the password you received when you subscribed. If you don’t have your password, the fastest way to get a new password is to resubscribe! 

Over to you

I'd love to hear your tips for reviewing creative work as well. Please share below- I’d love to hear from you!