Great font pairs for successful branding

Finding fonts that pair well and match the tone of your brand can be pretty time-consuming and end up feeling very confusing! I've combined 5 of my favorite font pairings which work well online and in print- (which is not always the case). I hope these suggestions will help those of you starting to define your brand, designing a website or brand collateral.




Qualities such as size, weight, the space between lines, or the space between letters, all contribute to how the eye is drawn across the page. It is up to the designer to determine which elements should attract attention first!



Traditionally, font pairing involves pairing a serif with a sans serif font. This is because typefaces can visually conflict with one another if they are too similar. One of the tasks of the designer is to establish a clear visual hierarchy.




Play with your letter spacing! Fine tweaks with your spacing can make a huge difference! This is often overlooked by newbie designers but really helps fine tune the look of your page. Try this to find ways to make your headlines, headings and body text stand out.



3  |  SIZING

As you start to explore your options, a great tip to try is to create a document where you can try out varying sizes of text with the font combination you are testing. Looking at a font pairing in a large size can be incredibly helpful when thinking about how that font pair matches with the feel of your brand.



➳ Download the font pairing cheat sheet with 10 solid font pairs you can use right away!