5 Ways a Strong Brand Impacts Business Growth

Branding is so much more than your logo & website– it encompasses every bit of communication between your brand and your audience. That's why building a strong brand is the foundation for your business.

So let’s take a look at 5 key branding elements that you need to think about to build a strong brand -and business.



1  |  A Strong Brand is Easily Recognizable

One of major components of your brand -and the first one most think about when you mention branding - is your visual design.

Your branding should be clearly present - and easily recognizable- on every piece of social media marketing, any communications, on your website and all printed materials. Think of how we instantly recognize Amazon’s orange arrow, or the elegant black and white Kate Spade logo married with strong, vibrant color palettes.

Your visual design is critical because it’s the “face” of your company and the very first touchpoint of your brand with potential customers.

Bear in mind that a well-designed brand does not have to be complicated! In fact, it should be simple enough to be memorable, but powerful enough to leave an impression on your audience.


2  |   A Strong Brand Is Inspiring

Your brand must express why what you do matters and who you are doing it for.

When you stand for something, your customers will immediately know what makes your company different to your competitors. When they compare you to your competitors (which they will do before choosing you!), your strong brand will tell them what you have to offer that the others don’t.

And if you have staff, an inspiring brand matters to them too. Most employees need more than just a job— they need to feel they are part of something good and are working toward goals that matter. When your employees understand the mission behind the business, they are more likely to feel pride and investment in helping it grow.

The key to building an inspiring brand is to pick 1-3 areas of strength, the ones that make you shine, and then focus on making them shine brighter.

(Insider Tip: doing this for their clients is the top reason branding professionals do what they do, because this is so exciting to work on!)


3  |  A Strong Brand Builds Trust

Whenever people encounter design, they are going to experience an emotion. Emotional reactions are hardwired into our brain & personality and those emotions are very real influencers in our choices and behaviors.

Therefore, the key in designing your brand is to make sure that what your audience feels when they encounter your brand is what you want them to feel.

An intentionally-designed brand makes people feel a sense of connection while also conveying your credibility. It builds trust. That’s why people are more likely to buy from a business that is visually attractive, has messaging consistency and looks legitimate.

So ask yourself, “How do I want people to feel around my brand? How do I want them to respond to what I have to say?” Answering this question will help you define exactly how you are going to tell your story to your customers. Then, throughout your communications you’ll plan to elicit that feeling to help connect what your ideal audience craves and cares about with what you have to offer.

Design is the silent ambassador for your brand..png


4  |   A Strong Brand has personality

When people choose to work with a business, it’s because they feel some sort of connection with that business. They aren’t looking for impersonal interactions. They want to feel as though your business gets them and that you are going to be invested in providing a quality experience for them.

That’s why infusing your brand with a distinct personality can be such a powerful way to grow your business. Adding personal touches, expressing a point of view and a sense of humor can make a huge difference in creating that connection with your customers.

Your brand includes the set of ideas and values that people associate with you, so don’t be afraid to have it stand for something that matters.

A brand is the total emotional experience people have with your business. Be known for a consistent experience, a promise that you deliver on.


5  |   A Strong Brand Generates Referrals

Hands down, repeat business and word of mouth referrals are the most valuable, most profitable advertising source.

Strong branding enables your company to get repeat and referral business. And would it be possible for you to tell a friend about the new computer you love if you couldn’t remember the brand? (See why having a memorable brand is important?!)

A large reason anyone gives a referral is that they've had a positive, memorable experience and want to share it with others. So a key part of your branding is delivering that outstanding experience throughout your customer’s interactions with your business.


BUT Branding doesn't have to be complicated or expensive!

Although many business owners recognize the importance of an intentionally-designed brand, building their brand can often feel overwhelming and expensive.

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